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Bagels-4-U bagels are kettle boiled and made from the highest quality ingredients.  Did you know that our company is one of the last few companies in the country still making hand rolled, artisan quality bagels?


While we all adjust to modern times by constantly improving our services, nothing beats the old-fashioned flavor of crafted products.  Baked fresh, and welcoming you warm from the oven, our bagels are baked to perfection with an almost crunchy outside and soft chewy inside.  Just the way they are supposed to be.

We roll a variety of flavors which may vary from bakery to bakery and add to them high quality seeds to create a marvelous combination of healthy and savory bagels.


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Enjoy all our varieties of hand rolled artisan bagels

Breakfast & Lunch is best in a sandwich form!

Jump start your day with our coffee!


We love muffins for so many reasons and these homemade, moist handhelds muffins are perfect any time of the day.  They are the perfect on-the-go breakfasts, or the perfect baked treat to serve at bunch!

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